The Art of Building: Roof


rooftops scattered across Victoria BC Canada

Art comes in many shapes and sizes but there is no form more beautiful than that of the art of architecture. Architecture and construction based art is existed for millennia and well originally built from a functional more than anesthetic point of view there still remained beauty in its simplicity.

Regardless of the type of building material used or the era of construction one can still not hesitate to stop and admire the artistic architecture of the beautiful roof line.

It’s fascinating to look back over the history of buildings and the roof in particular as is this is the area of the building most responsible for keeping it safe, warm, dry, and protected from the elements. Today we are fortunate to have a plethora of roofing options available including permanent metal roofing by Ironwood or even more traditional and cheaper asphalt shingles would you can pick up from any DIY home store such as Home Depot.

But regardless of your roofing material selection, one thing is certain, when viewed from above a single roof or large collection of roofs as in the case of a built-up metropolitan area can present the landscape especially to the trained inquisitive eye. Even if you’re not educated in traditional or contemporary architecture you can still enjoy the beauty and the simplicity, and in the functionality and aesthetic appeal of construction.

For long as there have been people on this earth there is always been the need to have shelter and this need will not slow down anytime soon. The beauty here is that as new forms of construction and new roofing materials are developed and designed we will continue to add to The portfolio of architectural design, construction material, and above all and most importantly art.

So the next time you find yourself wondering a new city or town take a few minutes to look up from the cobblestones are well paved road ways admire the roof lines and roofing materials used now protect the citizens and occupants of these buildings. There is beauty and art everywhere.

For more information on construction art to be sure to visit this link at Fine Art America where they have a wide selection and variety of various construction art pieces.

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