Herter Art Gallery: Dive Into The Wonderful World of Contemporary Art


If what you’re looking for is a set of refreshing pieces of beauty, a touch of magnificent culture, or just a moment to step out of the tragedies of life and step into a world of art, then the wonders of the Herter Art Gallery are what you need to dive into. Imagine an art gallery that dates back to the ‘50s and think of the works and masterpieces that it has amassed in the time that it has stood. Based in the University of Massachusetts, the Herter Art Gallery is more than just a collection of pieces made by renowned artists all over the world—and that is what makes this gallery so unique and human.

herter art gallery
You see, the Herter Art Gallery is not just a venue for commercialized artists to display their famous pieces. This art gallery features the work of the University’s Humanities Department, making this gallery a display of the work of students—the people who are encouraged by the University to explore their minds and creativity to develop the artist within. What most people feel about university-based art galleries is that they might not have as much quality as ‘more professional galleries’ but the Herter Art Gallery at UMass may even perhaps exceed the standards of art lovers with all the wondrous works and masterpieces featured within.

Daring to Explore
Today’s mainstream fine art is what most people are calling ‘minimalist art’ and these artworks are well-appreciated by their audiences. However, society has forgotten that in order to evolve, you mustn’t dwell on one standard alone! The Herter Art Gallery delves into deeper and more curious disciplines of art, allowing the emerging and flourishing artists at the University to explore the creative spirit that they possess and with it, create beauteous masterpieces. Well, if you feel the need to breakout from society’s conformed standard of beauty, see the wonders of fine art in a different scope of light. Ranging from photography, to abstract, to architecture, and even to sculpture, this art gallery features one of every kind of art discipline there could be, making it a step into diversity.

umass art gallery
More Galleries at UMass

The University of Massachusetts has more than one art gallery on campus. Albeit the Herter may be the oldest and holds some of the finest and most interesting pieces of art, the university has three other galleries waiting for your eyes to experience. The University Museum of Contemporary Art at UMass is the center of culture at the university and features contemporary art held in the Hampden Gallery, Augusta Savage Gallery, and the Student Union Art Gallery. So what are you waiting for? The University of Massachusetts holds galleries and corridors of artwork waiting for prying eyes to behold.

The Herter Art Gallery, along with the other galleries on campus, is a venue for you to feast your eyes on a world of creativity and a place where man’s imagination is the only limit. Take a step back, see the beauty of art at UMass Herter Art Gallery, where the wonders of diverse culture are waiting.

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