Christian Herter Lighting Design/Fixtures

Little is known of Christian Herter’s lighting fixtures. It is documented that Herter designed one-of-a-kind prototypes for his wealthy clients, including Herter Brothers interior hanging fixtures and carved wooden table lamps.

A few examples are documented in:
“The Herter Brothers: Furniture and Interiors of the Guilded Age”.

In 1872, Henry Probasco, a wealthy Herter Brothers’ client, selected Herter to design 16 elegant bronze lamp posts and lanterns for the ‘Tyler Davidson Fountains’, which were located in Cinninatti, Ohio.

“I have accepted the design of Mr. Christian Herter of New York, a man who is admitted to be second to none in his profession. I submit his design of the lamp post and lantern.” -Henry Probasco, 1872.

All sixteen lanterns and posts were lost during the relocation and restoration of the fountains.

With a keen interest in Japanese art, Christian Herter designed and created this unique archetype solid bronze hanging lantern. The Sunflower Lantern was perhaps Herter’s finest example in lighting fixture design, and survives today.

Christian Herter crafted the ‘Sunflower Lantern’ late 1860s. Like many Herter Brothers masterworks, Herter’s hanging lantern presents ‘a distinctive Japanesque theme and extraordinary Sunflower inlays’.

Standing over six foot tall and weighing approximately ninety pounds, this bronze Sunflower Lantern is ‘bold and perfectly proportioned in both scale and elegance, a true Herter masterwork’.

The Herter Sunflower Lantern was proudly displayed above the main entrance to the Herter family estate located in Santa Barbara, California from 1909. This estate was devoted to showcasing art created by the Herter family.