Automotive Art



Automotive art first became popular in the early 1950s and around the time of the Art Deco movement as well as the height of American culture an assassination of the automobile.

Ever since Henry Ford first popularized the car back in the early part of the 20th Century we have always had a fascination with its power, beauty, any intrigue behind Machine that drives it.

As art tends to mirror life the rise of the popularity of the car also lead to a rise in the popularity and interest of the the art that surrounded the entire automotive industry.

Iconic brands such as Ford and Chevrolet reigned supreme as American icons of style, history, tradition, and the perfect symbol of the American dream.

But automotive art is so much more than just the cars. It’s also about the artists behind the automotive paintings, photography, or sculpture as these artists in body true all American values and vision such as posterity, ingenuity, pride, and it undeniable wild west attitude and style.

Visit any car dealership today and you’ll still experience a throwback how things were back on the ranch from one with selecting a new horse or buggy. The automobile provides unparalleled freedom and independence and is the crowning achievement of the last century, something Henry Ford would be well proud of. His vision spark to movement and facilitated the vast expansion another wise trapped industrial nation.

The car perfectly embodies all that is beautiful about art. Equal parts functionality and aesthetic appeal it provides raw power to its users and exudes and a measurable amount of beauty even while stationary. Any car dealer knows that a car is bought based first on emotional appeal and secondarily on functioning how will perform.

Color and lighting play a crucial part across auto dealerships as they seek to maximize the cars beautiful lines while minimizing its less aesthetic elements such as its tires. Even tires can be beautiful as Firestone or BFGoodrich will tell you.

Art is everywhere and all you need to do is open your eyes to see it.

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