Albert Herter Herter Looms Albert Herter Art

Albert Herter was an artist with broad talents. He is best known for his exquisite murals, tapestries and fine oil paintings. Yet there is much more.

Albert Herter and his talented wife, Adele Herter lived much of their lives in Santa Barbara, California at the prestigous ‘El Mirasol’ Herter family estate. This property was built to honor the legacy of his father, Christian Herter of the Herter Brothers.

They both played a prominent role at this Herter estate, and were leaders in the Santa Barbara arts community.

Albert and Adele Herter decorated the El Mirasol mansion in 1909 and again in 1914, placing great emphasis on ‘art created by the Herters’. They were patrons of the arts and hosted many events in Santa Barbara, California.

Albert and Adele Herter entertained and hosted community cultural events at this estate. Famous artists, poets from around the world and America’s elite families visited the El Mirasol Herter estate. This also served in promoting ‘quality Herter artwork to their wealthy clients’.

Both Albert and Adele Herter were American treasures, enriching the arts with their broad talents. The Herter family has enhanced the American Decorative Arts like no other American family, spanning generations. Their children and grandchildren continued in this tradition.

Adele Herter died at the Herters’ Long Island home in 1946, and Albert Herter later died at the El Mirasol Hotel in 1950. Their love of art remains with us today, and their Herter works of art can be found in the finest museums and art collections around the world, including the Smithsonian Museum.